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Claim for Relief

complaint court person plaintiff

The section of a modern complaint that states the redress sought from a court by a person who initiates a lawsuit.

A civil action is commenced with the filing of a complaint with the court. The person who is seeking money damages or a court order, called the plaintiff, files a complaint, which notifies or warns the defendant that legal action has begun. Within a complaint, the claim for relief portion sets forth a short, concise statement justifying the relief requested by the plaintiff.

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over 1 year ago

In November of 2013, the defendant was given a 2004 Nissan Maxima for repairs. The vehicle belongs to the palintiff. The defendant was given$775.00 to replace the motor and repair vehicle to functional level. The defendant failed to complete the work. In December of 2016, the defendant was asked about the vehicle and he mentioned that he got rid of it. The defendant was sued and judgement wasrendered in favor of the court in favor of the palintiff.