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Benjamin Vaughn Abbott

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Benjamin Vaughn Abbott was born June 4, 1830, in Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated from New York University in 1850 and was admitted to the New York bar in 1852.

From 1855 to 1870 Abbott, in collaboration with his brother Austin, wrote a series of law treatises and reports, including Digest of New York Statutes and Reports (1860). The series led to Abbott's New York Digest, the most recent series of which has been renamed West's New York Digest 4th.

In 1864 Abbott became secretary of the New York Code Commission and was instrumental in the formulation of the New York Penal Code, much of which is still in use today.

From 1870 to 1872 he served as a commissioner to amend the statutes of the United States. Abbott died February 17, 1890, in Brooklyn, New York.

As an author, Abbott wrote several publications, including Judge and Jury (1880); The Travelling Law School (1884); and Addison on Contracts (1888).

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