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Liewellyn and Edith Banks Trial: 1933 - Aftermath Of Trial

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Banks spent the rest of his years at the Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem. While in prison, Banks appealed his conviction and his supporters petitioned the governor for a pardon, but both were denied. Later on, a state official was arrested for taking a $50,000 bribe to help Banks win an early parole. In 1935, Banks alleged that someone tried to poison him. Prison officials confirmed that a lethal dose of bichloride of mercury was in Banks's hot chocolate, but an investigation concluded that Banks himself had dropped the tablets into his cup. Llewellyn A. Banks died in prison in 1945.

FehI, Schermerhorn, and others also were imprisoned for their roles in the courthouse break-in and, in 1937, Fehi was declared insane by a court. Many people, shocked by Prescott's murder, quit the GGC, but others managed to keep it alive until the mid-1930s. In 1934, the Medford Mail Tribune, an anti-Banks/Fehl newspaper, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for meritorious public service "for stemming a rising tide of public insurrection which was the growth of a bitter political fight."

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Suggestions for Further Reading

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