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Contract Law - What Is A Contract?, Sources Of Contract Law: The Statute Of Frauds, The Uniform Commercial Code

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Classification of Contracts

For purposes of analysis, legal scholars have classified contracts in many different ways. The most common classifications of contracts include: "express" and "implied" contracts; "void" and "voidable" contracts; and "enforceable" and "unenforceable" contracts.

Validity of Contracts

Several requirements must be met for a contract to be valid and legally binding. The agreement must specifically define the terms under which the promise can be considered fulfilled by both parties. In addition, the agreement must prescribe remedies for conditions unfulfilled by one of the parties involved. The essential feature defining these requirements are: "capacity," "mutual assent," and "consideration."

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over 4 years ago

The souces of contract law

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over 3 years ago

law of contract as it was based into two categorie:

1.implied contract-the agreement without written and thus no excuses or evidence.

1.expressly implied contracts-the contract as it was based on written agreement by the parties in acontract and thus shows evidence.

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over 7 years ago