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Mentally Disordered Offenders - Crime And Mental Disorder, The Mental Health And Criminal Justice Systems, The Future Treatment Of Disordered Offenders

This entry covers the relationship of mental disorder to crime, the overlap between the criminal justice and mental health systems, and the nature and operation of institutions and programs that deal with mentally disordered criminals.


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over 7 years ago

Lexington Mississippi Sheriff Department is running citizens into the Grenada Life Help Mental Unit for anything from drug charges, fighting, to claims on houses. The Sheriff office will come into the homes and tell the citizens they have a court order which may turn out to be nothing at all (just a piece of paper) they will not show the paper or be wearing any I.D. They will take the people to the unit and there they are evaluated. Arguing is no reason to take a person to one of these hospitals but the chancery clerk office in Lexington is signing off on anything. Do not try to get a copy of the court order they will do anything to prevent that from happening. Lexington and its courts do not like people talking of getting a lawyer they do not like that they prefer the people to come to court and be tried in back rooms.