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Homosexuality and Crime - Cross-cultural Conceptions, Western Traditions, Modernity, Anglo-american Law Reform, The Global View

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A glance through anthropological and historical records reveals immense cross-cultural variation in the acceptance and repression of homosexual relations between men and between women. So great is this variation that some societies in some eras have imposed capital punishment on men engaging in homosexual acts, while others have held sexual friendships between men to be a social ideal of the most honorable, and even heroic, men. The treatment of homoerotic relations between women has often not been symmetric to those of men, being valued or constrained as much by gender conformity as by sexuality per se. Given this immense variation, the question, especially for western societies, is: How did homosexuality become criminalized, then medicalized, and then, to varying degrees, emancipated from the control of church, government, and other social institutions and reform movements? Today the relevant issue in democratic societies is less about crime and more about how best to assure that law works to guarantee the freedom and equal participation of all, including homosexually interested members of society, in the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Homosexuality and people identified as homosexuals—lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgendered people—today confront a patchwork of legal injunctions, depending on jurisdiction, that range from unreformed criminal labels to inclusion in antidiscrimination codes.


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over 9 years ago

April 20, 2009

To Whom It May concern:

In New York city/State homosexualty hould be a crime and I have the case file tio support this actual fact. This life is an evil. They set people-up, went they what them sexually. In New York City, Michael R. Blomberg and the Probation Department have our youths preforming oral sex on each other and spreading HIV to the females in the community and I can forward to you the documents to support this truth. I am a Muslim, beacuse I cannot be in the Christian and support the evil works of the devil (homosexuality), wherefore, Islam was the only faith in which to workship the creator, free from this evil life. Thank you,