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Twigg v. Mays - Significance, Switched At Birth, The Rights Of A Child, Impact, Child Emancipation

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Ernest and Regina Twigg


Robert Mays

Plaintiff's Claim

That the parental rights held by the Twiggs compelled that they be granted custody of 14- year-old Kimberley Mays who was switched at birth with another newborn.

Chief Lawyer for Plaintiff

John Blakely

Chief Defense Lawyers

George Russ, David Denkin (guardian ad litem)


Stephen Dakan


Sarasota County, Florida

Date of Decision

18 August 1993


Ruled in favor of Mays, by terminating the Twiggs' legal rights to Kimberly and clearing the way for Robert Mays to adopt her.

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  • In Re Baby Girl Clausen, 442 Mich. 648, 502 N. W. 2d 649 (1993).
  • Smith v. Langford, 255 So.2d 712 (Fla. 1st DCA 1997).


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