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United States v. One Book Called Ulysses - Significance, Two Percent For Life, "his Locale Was Celtic And His Season Spring", Did Censorship Help ?

york plaintiff james gilbert


State of New York


One Book Entitled Ulysses by James Joyce

Plaintiff's Claim

The book violated national standards for obscenity.

Chief Lawyers for Plaintiff

Nicholas Atlas, Samuel C. Coleman, Martin Conboy

Chief Defense Lawyers

Morris L. Ernst, Alexander Lindey


John M. Woolsey


New York, New York

Date of Decision

26 November 1933


The book was ruled not obscene.


Gilbert, Stuart. James Joyce's Ulysses: A Study by Stuart Gilbert. New York: Vintage, 1955.

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almost 11 years ago

I live in Petersham, MA where Judge Woolsey is revered and where his descendents, or at least some of them, live. Did you know that John M Woolsey Jr. was part of the American delegation to Nuremberg. I had the distinct honor of working with John on a project. He died several years ago. His widow, his children and grandchildren continue Judge Woolsey's example of public service.