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Al Qaeda - Consider The Following . . .

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  • The current FTO list and information about each terrorist organization is available at the Center for Defense Information (CDI) Web site at http://www.cdi.org/terrorism/terrorist.cfm or the U.S. State Department Web site at http://www.state.gov.
  • After reading this chapter's sidebar on the USA Patriot Act, find a number of investigative tools allowed by the act that should be helpful in uncovering al Qaeda cells.
  • Research al Qaeda in depth. For what purpose was it originally created? Why did the United States and U.S. interests become a focus of its terrorist activities?

Allah: Term for God in Islamic religion.

Koran: The holy book of Islam, like the Bible in Christian religions.

Bitter situation: Following worldly ways of desiring material goods rather than strictly following Islamic ways.

Divergence: Separate path.

Unbelief: Not believing in Islam.

Apostate: Those who reject religion or another set of guiding principles.

Socratic debates, Platonic ideals nor Aristotelian diplomacy: The thought processes of Western world societies such as the United States and Europe in which citizens are free to debate and explore basic ideas about the natural world and society.

Caliphate: A spiritual leader in Islam.

Strategy: Overall planning and objectives.

Forged: Illegal copies.

Moslem: One who follows the Islamic religion.

Secular: Apart from religion.

Communist: An economic theory that the state owns all production and profits are shared equally among the people; rejects religion.

Ideology: Beliefs and goals.

Conceptional: Questioning the ideology of the Organization.

Minor: Commonly a person under eighteen years of age.

Martyrdom: Honored for dying for a cause.

Afflictions: Great suffering.

Prudence: Using good judgment.

Counsel: Giving good advice.

Facsimile: Electronically transmitting a document through telephone lines.

Modest capabilities: Lack of money.

Security apparatus: Law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Inconspicuous: Not easily seen.

Detonators: Devices used to explode a bomb.

Arsenal: Storage place for weapons.

Open methods: not undercover intelligence gathering.

Obligated: Committed or required.

Them: Those being spied on.

Covenant: An agreement between humans and God.

Covert: Hidden, undercover.

Modest: Limited money or equipment or available members.

Agent: A person Al Qaeda wants to recruit.

Unpretentious: Simple, not complex.

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