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RICO - Consider The Following . . .

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  • When passed, RICO was aimed at twentieth century organized crime groups. What major new challenges face law enforcement agencies at the beginning of the twenty-first century, considering the rise of the Internet and World Wide Web?
  • Research one of the five New York City crime families from its beginnings. How has this family been affected by RICO by the end of the twentieth century?
  • Go to the Web site of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at http://www.fbi.gov. Research FBI units devoted to the investigation of organized crime in the United States and worldwide.

Unlawful debt: Money owed from illegal gambling activity.

Principal: A person highly involved in its operations.

Interest in: Ownership of.

Enterprise: A business partnership, corporation, or union.

Interstate or foreign commerce: Trade across state or national boundaries.

Conspire: Agree together.

Jurisdiction: The geographic area or type of crime that the court has legal authority to prosecute.

Restraining orders: Court orders to temporarily stop an activity being challenged.

Divest: To withdraw from.

Estop: Prohibit.

Essential allegations: Charges.

Civil proceeding: A lawsuit separate from the criminal prosecution seeking compensation.

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