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time hill prison cherry

  • Divide the class into two groups and debate the benefits and drawbacks of the two prison systems being tested in America at the time of Dickens's trip—the Philadelphia and the Auburn plans.
  • Write an essay describing what it would be like in the Cherry Hill prison, seeing no one, hearing no one, not receiving any news from the outside. What would your thoughts be if you were mistakenly convicted of a crime and sentenced to years at Cherry Hill? Imagine the hood taken from your head after being escorted to your cell for the first time.
  • Is solitary confinement still used in U.S. prisons? Under what conditions is it applied?

Benevolent: Having good intentions.

Fathom: Understand.

Palpable: Easily seen.

Extorts: Brings forth or causes, usually by pain.

Wicket: Small door within the larger entrance.

Radiate: Extend out from a central point.

Tier: Level.

Compensate: Make up for.

Communicating: Open passage.

Repose: Lack of movement.

Last: A wooden or metal model of a foot used to shape and repair shoes and boots.

Melancholy: Gloomy.

Countenance: Face or facial expression.

Commuted: Shortened.

Indulgence: A toleration of something.

Wane: Faded, through loss of strength or stature.

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