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manner witch book salem

  • Make a list of various happenings that by 1692 caused the Salem residents to begin accusing fellow townspeople as witches.
  • Until 1692 there was great difficulty in legally proving a person was a witch. Do you think judges in the 1692 witchcraft trials felt pressured by their community members to quickly prosecute and convict?
  • What do you think the Salem colonists hoped would result from the conviction and execution of witches?
  • Develop a skit around the witch trial excerpts and present it to the class.

Familiarity: A close relationship.

Two more: Tibuta and Sarah Osburn.

Spitfull manner reflecting and retorting aganst the authority: Disrespectful, rebellious manner.

Base and abusive words: Filthy language; cursing.

Bad carriage: The evil manner in which they acted toward her husband.

Deposition: Testimony taken in writing under oath outside of a trial setting.

Deponent: One who gives evidence in a deposition.

Apperishtion: An apparition; a vision of a spirit-like figure.

Vehemently to writ in hir book: Strongly urged Ann to write in her (Sarah's) book; anyone who signed in a witch's book was making a pact with the devil.

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