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Sally Stanford - A Move To Legitimacy

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In 1941 Stanford moved her prostitution business to 1144 Pine Street. She remained there until November 1949 when a young woman under eighteen years of age was arrested for fighting on the street. She claimed she worked at Sally's place. As a result, authorities arrested Stanford and prosecuted her for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a felony criminal charge. Much to her relief, she was once again acquitted, but it signaled the end of her days as a madam.

Stanford opened a restaurant called the "Valhalla" just across the Golden Gate Bridge north of San Francisco in the suburb of Sausalito. She also married a wealthy dealer in Oriental art. Becoming well established in the business community, Stanford served as vice president of the Chamber of Commerce and was a popular figure in the town's social circles. Stanford was elected mayor of Sausalito in 1976.

In 1966 Stanford published her autobiography, The Lady of the House. Hollywood actress Dyan Cannon (1937–) portrayed Stanford in a television movie version of the book. Through her life Stanford used over twenty names and was arrested seventeen times, but only convicted twice. She survived eleven heart attacks and colon cancer surgery. She died of heart failure in 1982.

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