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Kip Kinkel - Special Education

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Kipland (Kip) Philip Kinkel was the second child born to Faith Zuranski and Bill Kinkel. His sister, Kristen, was nearly six years old when Kip was born in 1982. Both Bill and Faith were educators and took their children camping, hiking, and skiing almost every weekend. The Kinkel family moved to Spain for a year in 1986 and Kip entered his first year of formal schooling. His teacher did not speak English and it proved a difficult year for Kip.

"If Mr. Kinkel is sitting in prison without possibility of release for the rest of his life, it might—just might—keep some other young person from taking a gun to school. That would be the only positive thing that could come from this tragedy."

Mark Walker, father of Thurston victim Ben Walker

Upon returning to Oregon Kip was enrolled at Walterville Elementary School in Springfield. He repeated the first grade due to his slow emotional and physical development. Police booking photo of Kip Kinkel. Kinkel was arrested after killing his parents, then going to his high school killing two people and wounding twenty-five others. (AP/Wide World Photos)
His parents enrolled him in karate classes where he did exceptionally well. Despite high IQ (intelligence quotient) scores, Kip continued to have problems in school and by third grade had qualified for special education services.

Kip's parents tutored him in the evenings when he fell behind at school. In addition, the family physician prescribed the drug Ritalin when it was decided he had attention deficit disorder, or ADD. (ADD is a learning and behavioral problem characterized by difficulty in sustaining attention and by impulse behavior. Ritalin is a drug that sometimes helps calm these symptoms.) There was also growing concern over Kip's interest in violence. The Kinkels disconnected their cable television service when they could no longer monitor Kip's viewing of violent programs.

In fourth grade Kip continued with special education and was diagnosed with dyslexia, a learning disability that interferes with the ability to recognize and comprehend written words. At the same time, however, he was placed in a Talented and Gifted program because he excelled in science and math. Despite being small for his age, Kip was good at sports in elementary school. Like his father, Kip was very competitive and had an uncontrollable temper.

In 1995 Kristen Kinkel transferred from the University of Oregon to Hawaii Pacific. No longer having his sister overseeing his activities, Kip began hanging out with a new group of boys and getting into serious trouble. Kip and three friends ordered bomb-building books over the Internet and began experimenting with explosives. One of Kip's friends sold him an old shotgun, which he kept hidden in his room. After several of the boys were caught shoplifting, the Kinkels pulled Kip out of Springfield's Thurston Middle School to tutor him at home for a year.

Criminal events continued in January 1997 when Kip joined a friend and his family on a trip to Bend, Oregon, for a snowboarding clinic. The two boys were arrested for throwing a twelve-inch rock onto a car from an overpass. Kip was taken into custody and his parents received a midnight call from the Bend Police Department. Once back home, the Kinkels put Kip in psychotherapy where he was diagnosed with major depressive disorder. Kip needed to learn more appropriate ways to manage his anger. His mother was concerned about Kip's extreme interest in guns, knives, and explosives.

Kip also had a strained relationship with his father, who was his disciplinarian since his mother thought Kip was a good kid who just had some bad habits. Both parents wanted him to take responsibility for the rock-throwing incident in Bend and, following a mandatory interview at the Skipworth Juvenile Facility, Kip was required to complete thirty-two hours of community service, write a letter of apology, and pay for damages to the car that was hit.

Kip's final year in middle school ended in a two-day suspension for karate-kicking a schoolmate in the head for calling him names. Just three days later Kip received a three-day suspension for throwing a pencil at another boy. In June 1997 his psychologist recommended treatment with Prozac, an antidepressant drug. It seemed to be working well as both Kip's attitude and his grades began to improve. Kip remained on the drug the entire summer before he entered high school.

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over 11 years ago

I knew the Kinkels, and I highly doubt that their parenting was a cause. I strongly suspect that it was the pharmaceutical drugs. This video explores the topic in depth. http://v.mercola.com/blogs/public_blog/Powerful-Video-Showing-How-Drugs-Harm-Children-14587.aspx

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over 7 years ago

awwww yeah bitches this is off da hook my niggers

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almost 9 years ago

Kip Kinkel was obviously psychotic, throughout the confession you hear him say "God damn these voices in my head." And later on when he's in custody it is proven that Kinkel is skitsophrenic. When he kills his parents he isn't stable. His dad should have thought more about his mental state of mind when he stopped taking him to the psychiatrist. Kip should have been slowly taken off of Prozac instead of one day just not taking it anymore, and the doctor could have given them that information. When taking anti-depressants it changes the chemicals in your blood and when you're taking it, it makes you balanced, when you stop taking it, it gives makes you have a negative chemical reaction. The fact that he killed his parents is a little ridiculous, but 'The Voices" were telling him to do these types of things. Kip continuously kept saying "it was the only thing I could do" obviously he was a little out of it. To all those families who lost someone in the shooting my heart goes out to you and your family. RIP


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almost 10 years ago

I dk these things probably can be stopped if parents and friends and teachers watch for signs of a child being abused by friends, by peers by parents by other adults etc etc. They should always get involved and show the kid he has someone who cares, someone he wants him to get ahead in life even if he feels others dont sometimes one person can make a difference. But once it happens you can't place blame, only He can because he knows why he felt so "lost" he had "no other choice" but do what he did. I'm sure if we could feel the pain he (or ne other child killer) was in we might not condemn him as "Evil". I am not from Oregon and I did not no the family. My friend in school liked him lol this was back in 2002, she was crying out for help to and we helped her later on she told us if we hadn't been there for her she would have down something horrible. She is know a wonderful woman and mother, it can be changed. Please watch your loved ones and make sure they know how much you care.

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about 10 years ago

Well... First of all, he was definately not well. And Raya, shut the ef up. Why the hell would you bring his sister into this? You dont know $Hit. And, if "God" is the one that heals people, then why are there killers and pedophiles still here? You are a dumb a$$ for thinking that. Keep your "HOLY" opinions to yourself dumb $Hit. What happened was horrible, and no matter what anyone else thinks, it couldn't have been stopped.

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over 10 years ago

i watched his story in school the other day and it was shocking...i feel really bad about everything that happend to him and the family and friends. I know that that would not be something easy to do in any case. I dont think that his parents were the olny reason but it was still a part of what happend. R.I.P for all the victums that were sturred up in this. If anyone can give his adderess to me so i can write him that would be great!

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about 11 years ago

my sister was friends with kip. my mom was good friends with the kinkels. my sister still to this day crys when she thinks of him. i was 4 years old when it happend. me my sister and my mom were on our way to drop my sister off at school when we saw kip driving his moms car when my sister said "wait kip is only 15 he shouldnt be driving." im in the 8th grade now and my assistant princible and thurston middle Mr.Christ was the man who ran and pushed kip down when he was shooting at his fellow class mates. RIP the students who were shot.

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over 11 years ago

he can only be healed by GOD? hmm ok... He was a lost little boy. He was probably teased and embarrassed by other kids because he was is special ed classes. He felt that everything he did was wrong, in which it was. His dad rejected him as a son, That's terrible. I saw the documentary a long time ago, it was sad how his life was a roller coaster. Hope he gets the help he needs. I think his life was very much screwed up, i remember being a teenager and i was depressed most of time. I thought of suicide but never thought of killing my parents. I think his killings had a lot to do with his "disabilities" , drugs, his parents, and society.

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over 11 years ago

i watched a doccumentery about him at my youth group last sunday and from what i know about him (and im trying to know as much as i possibly can) i do not beleive he is psychotic. I think he is hurt in such a way he cannot be healed by anyone except for God. He was (is) depressed and the problems which caused him to murder his parents and several students at Thirston high School started at a very young age and as he grew...the problems grew with him. He was always compared to his sister. that was one of the biggest mistakes his parents made. they should have focused on the things Kip COULD do rather than what he was TRYING to do in order to be as good as his siter and make his parents proud of him. Because he was CONSTANTLY being compared to his sister and all the amazing things she could do and he coudlnt.....made him feel like he was not a good enough son.

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over 11 years ago

Was Kip Kinkel psychotic or only depressed?