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Thomas E. Dewey - Continued Public Service

party died republican governor

Dewey was reelected as governor of New York again in 1950 and continued to be active in the Republican Party on a national level. In 1952 he helped Dwight Eisenhower (1890–1969; served 1953–61) win both the Republican Party nomination and the presidential election. When Dewey's third term as governor of New York ended in 1955, he returned to private law practice. He wrote Journey to the Far Pacific in 1952, and Thomas E. Dewey on the Two Party System in 1966.

Dewey declined an offer of nomination as chief justice of the Supreme Court in 1968, since he was caring for his ailing wife. Frances Dewey died in 1970 and Thomas Dewey died the following year, just a week short of his sixty-ninth birthday.

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