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Ted Bundy - On The Move

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On the move

Bundy arrived in Salt Lake City in September to attend the University of Utah Law School. He settled into the life of a graduate student near the mountains and canyons of Utah's ski country. In October 1974 three young women disappeared from small towns outside Salt Lake City. Law enforcement received a break in the case on November 8 when Carol DaRonch, an attractive nineteen year old, escaped a kidnapping attempt from a mall in Salt Lake City. The man who attacked her was dressed as a police officer and had requested her assistance in solving a crime. He drove a VW bug and introduced himself as Officer Roseland of the Murray, Utah, police department.

While DaRonch described her attempted abduction at the local police station, another abduction was taking place just twenty miles north at a high school parking lot in Bountiful, Utah. The kidnapped teenage girl was never seen again. The murders, however, stopped temporarily in Utah. It seemed they had moved to Colorado.

Known Victims of Ted Bundy


1 February 1974: Lynda Ann Healy, age 21

12 March 1974: Donna Gail Manson, 19

17 April 1974: Susan Elaine Rancourt, 18

1 June 1974: Brenda Carol Ball, 22

11 June 1974: Georgann Hawkins, 18

14 July 1974: Janice Ott, 23

14 July 1974: Denise Naslund, 19

2 August 1974: Carol Valenzuela, 20


6 May 1974: Roberta Kathleen Parks, 22


2 October 1974: Nancy Wilcox, 16

18 October 1974: Melissa Smith, 17

31 October 1974: Laurie Aime, 17

8 November 1974: Debbie Kent, 17

1 July 1975: Nancy Baird, 21


12 January 1975: Caryn Campbell, 23

15 March 1975: Julie Cunningham, 26

6 April 1975: Denise Oliverson, 25


15 January 1978: Margaret Bowman, 21

15 January 1978: Lisa Levy, 20

9 February 1978: Kimberly Diane Leach, 12

Between January and April 1975, three women disappeared from ski areas in Colorado. One body was recovered near Aspen but the other two were never found. By July 1975, the focus was back on Utah when a woman disappeared from the town of Farmington. Utah authorities were thrust into a new investigative area of the crimes. They were once again faced with the absence of evidence or a body.

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