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Lizzie Borden - Family Tragedy

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On August 4, 1892, Lizzie's uncle, John Morse, was in Fall River on business and he and Lizzie's father left the house early that morning. Lizzie's stepmother Abby was cleaning the second-floor guest room at around nine-thirty in the morning when she was struck from behind with a sharp instrument. The weapon, most likely a hatchet, hit her head and back nineteen times in all.

Andrew returned home over an hour later, found the doors locked from within, and rang the doorbell impatiently. Bridget "Maggie" Sullivan, the family maid, rushed to unbolt the door and let him in. Lizzie descended the stairs by the front entrance and greeted her father, telling him Abby had received a message and was not at home.

Andrew took the kitchen stairs to his bedroom before returning to the living room for his customary noon nap on the sofa. Minutes later the same weapon used on Abby delivered nearly a dozen blows to the man's face. Lizzie found her father and screamed for Maggie to come help. She then sent Maggie across the street to get family friend and physician Dr. Seabury Bowen.

When Dr. Bowen arrived, he confirmed Andrew Borden was dead and noted there had been no sign of a struggle. When the question of informing Mrs. Borden of the murder was raised, Lizzie said she thought she had heard Abby come in earlier. A check of the house revealed Abby's body upstairs and the police were notified of both murders.

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