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Media - Movies, Radio, And Television

popular mason perry series

In addition to reading detective and mystery stories with great fervor, the public also went to theaters to watch Hollywood films of such stories. Murder mysteries also made their way onto radio and television. Perhaps the most popular radio program involving a crime fighter was "The Shadow," which debuted on NBC radio in 1930. The Shadow was never seen, only heard, and could use his extraordinary intelligence and strength to overcome his adversaries (the bad guys). The popular series ran until 1954 when television shows became a more popular way for Americans to be entertained.

American author Erle Stanley Gardner (1889–1970) created one of television's most popular heroes, trial attorney Perry Mason. Along with the help of private detective Paul Drake and trusty secretary Della Street, Mason solved crimes for more than a decade. The Perry Mason character had been featured in dozens of novels by Gardner and a radio program American author Erle Stanley Gardner, who created one of television's most popular heroes, trial attorney Perry Mason. (AP/Wide World Photos)

before the series first aired in 1957. Perry Mason was played by actor Raymond Burr, and viewers tuned in to his courtroom dramas for ten years. The series is still popular in reruns.

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