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Race and Ethnicity - Reasons For High Minority Crime Rates

black americans century policing

In 2002 black Americans accounted for 27 percent of all arrests, including both person and property crimes. Various factors have been cited for the relatively large presence of blacks in America's criminal justice system. Part is certainly due to the racial discrimination that permeates all aspects of American society. Studies showed police officers were more likely to shoot and use excessive force against black suspects, though this tendency had declined by the early twenty-first century.

It is also true policing occurs at higher levels in minority communities, and that black Americans are targeted much more frequently in racial profiling. Judges and parole officers are also influenced by the race of offenders. Many believe these patterns have declined through the late twentieth century as more minorities have become employed in the criminal justice system, from policing to sitting on the bench in judge positions.

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almost 10 years ago

To Markus:

What numbers? you didn't cite ONE number to indicate that ANY minority actually commits more crimes than the national average. Moreover, the above statistical inferences speak towards ARRESTS; there's a difference between being arrested and actually committing a crime.

Show me an actual statistic that show minorities as being more likely to COMMIT crimes and i'll bow down.

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over 8 years ago

There is little excuse for the huge expansion in the crimes by minority groups. Every government incentive has been provided for minorities to raise them selves up to live a crime free existance but they chose to continue their gangs, drug sales and violent behavior.It is not just in America where this is happening.

The UK is experiencing increased rates in crime, once again mainly by the minority races.The ' Poor me " excuse has long been an excuse for this type of behavior and as long as we have over 70% of black children being born out of wedlock we can expect to see little improvement in honest and caring family values form the basis for a crime free life style. There are no role models for the black culture and the same can be said for the caucasion population with all the scandals being perpertrated by Wall Street traders , banks and hedge funds.We need to stop making excuses for errant behavior and call it what it is, wilfull crime without remorse.

The third eye

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about 9 years ago

Check out these statistics, then make your arguments.


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almost 11 years ago

Why are people so quick to look for excuses for minorities? Discrimination does exist I am sure, but it cannot explain why the crime rates are higher accross the world. I don't believe the colour of your skin makes you inherently more or less violent, it is probably more likely social and cultural reasons. You cannot deny the numbers though, minorities commit more crimes per capita and thats a fact.

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about 10 years ago

Isn't enforcement higher in black inner-city communities because crime is higher? I think you have the cause and effect backwards. What would be the point in having a high level of police in suburban neighborhoods with low crime rates?

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over 10 years ago

Enforcement is higher in Blk areas because the incidents of crime is higher, most of which is Black on Black. Police more likely to shoot or use force because they are more likly to be shoot or attacked by black offenders than any other racial group.

CAUSES: 1965 LBJ increased welfare for woman who were paid more for each child. However, they were not eligable if a man lived with them. This distroyed black families. Then we replaced the drug trade for honest income and gangster rap for cultural guidence. Instead of corrcting the problem organizations like the NAACP blamed everyone but thenselves.

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over 11 years ago

More Black people in the criminal justice system will not affect the way that Blacks and other Minorities are treated because there is the constant need for Black Law enforcement officials to "fit in" and not risk being ostracized for taking a stance against racial discrimination. Also because the police have an us versus them approach to fighting crime, the minority officers are much less likely to intervene when another minority citizen is being victimized in a racially charged manner.