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Cyber Crime - Page-jacking

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Page-jacking is another cyber crime that came into common use in the late 1990s and early twenty-first century. Page-jacking involves using the same key words or Web site descriptions of a legitimate site on a fake site. Search engines like Yahoo or Dogpile use these words to categorize and display sites on a specific topic requested by online users. When users type key words into a search engine, the legitimate site appears on a list along with the bogus site. If users click on the bogus site, they are frequently led to a pornographic site. To make matters worse, when users try to close the window or use the "back" or "forward" keys, they are sent to another pornographic site. Users are "trapped," which is why this kind of online rigging is called "mouse-trapping." Users usually have to crash their computers to get out of the page-jacked sites.

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