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Sojourner Truth was a nineteenth-century African American evangelist who embraced abolitionism and WOMEN'S RIGHTS. A charismatic speaker, she became one of the best-known abolitionists of her day.

Born a slave around 1797 in Ulster County, New York, Isabella Baumfree, as she was originally named, lived with several masters. She bore at least five children to a fellow slave named Thomas and took the name of her last master, Isaac Van Wagener, in 1827. She was freed in 1828 when a New York law abolished SLAVERY within the state, and with the help of Quaker friends, she recovered a young son who had been illegally sold into slavery in the South.

In 1829 she moved to New York City and worked as a domestic servant. Since childhood she had experienced visions and heard voices, which she attributed to God. Her mystic bent led her to become associated with Elijah Person, a New York religious missionary. She worked and preached with Person in the streets of the city, and in 1843 she had a religious experience in which she believed that God commanded her to travel beyond New York to spread the Christian gospel. She took the name Sojourner Truth and traveled throughout the eastern states as an evangelist.

Truth soon became acquainted with the abolitionist movement and its leaders. She adopted their message, speaking out against slavery. Her speaking tours expanded as abolitionists realized her effectiveness as a lecturer. In 1850 she toured the Midwest and drew large, enthusiastic crowds. Because she was illiterate, she dictated her life story, The Narrative of Sojourner Truth, and sold the book at her lectures as a means of supporting herself.

In the early 1850s, she met leaders of the emerging women's rights movement, most notably Lucretia Mott. Truth recognized the connection between the inferior legal status of African Americans and women in general. Soon she was speaking before women's rights groups, advocating the right to vote. Her most famous speech was entitled Ain't I a Woman?

During the 1850s, Truth settled in Battle Creek, Michigan, but went to Washington, D.C., in 1864 to meet with President ABRAHAM

Sojourner Truth.

LINCOLN. She remained in Washington to help the war effort, collecting supplies for black volunteer regiments serving in the Union army and helping escaped slaves find jobs and homes.

After the war she joined the National Freed-men's Relief Association, working with former slaves to prepare them for a different type of life. Truth believed that former slaves should be given free land in the West, but her "Negro State" proposal failed to interest Congress. Nevertheless, during the 1870s she encouraged African Americans to resettle in Kansas and Missouri.


Truth remained on the public speaking circuit until 1875, when she retired to Battle Creek. She died there on November 26, 1883.

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over 3 years ago

Students who are preparing to write end of term essays on Sojournertruth and her New York years may find this FREE eight page informed choices guide of some help and interest. Just click on this link. http://www.clashoftheprophets.com/documents/Informed%20choices%20guide.pdf

Best regards
Mike Wilkins Clash of the prophets

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about 4 years ago

Without the New York year's Isabella Baumfree / Isabella Van Wagener may not have transformed herself into SOJOURNERTRUTH. The time which she spent with Prophet Matthias in New York is vital to the development of the actions and words of Sojournertruth. The Full stories of the New York years of Sojournertruth are unforgettable; she introduced Prophet Matthias into the Christian church which Mr E Pierson was establishing, she was the last to leave Prophet Matthias In New York!
The dramatic years which Sojournertruth spent with Prophet Matthias undoubtedly influenced her life. Prophet Matthias called himself THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH when ISABELIA left Prophet Matthias she called herself SOJOURNERTRUTH
For more information you are personaly invited to the New Web Site at:
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over 4 years ago

Information within this Web Page has prompted us to contact you personally as you appear to have a genuine interest in Sojournertruth.
For almost two hundred years the full true story of Sojournertruth has not been told. It has been suppressed and hidden away within the pages of history.
The rich and powerful have told their side of her story, leaving Sojournertruth standing alone declaring her understanding of freedom and justice
She has amplified her life in her chosen spirit name of Sojournertruth. Throughout the world Christians, Afro Americans, men and women have all rejoiced in her triumphs. Isabella Baumfree, or Isabella Van Wageners, as she would later call herself, was searching for a good God fearing life.
She wanted to embrace the Christian life style, along with helping those who crossed her path.
While working in New York for the respectable, successful retired business man Mr Elijah Pierson she came face to face with the Prophet Matthias.
The meeting between Isabella (Sojournertruth) and the self-proclaimed Prophet Matthias was the first contact of what could be considered the refiner’s fire years for Sojournertruth. During her time with Prophet Matthias, she experienced immorality, deception, demonic possession, false accusations, and financial ruin!
She was in many ways spiritually, emotionally, and financially raped time and time again as she struggled to find Christianity within the Zion that Prophet Matthias was attempting to establish!

Reflecting upon her time in New York City Sojournertruth reasoned and then concluded ‘that everything she had undertaken in the city of New York had finally proved a failure; and where her hopes had been raised the highest, there she felt the failure had been the greatest, and the disappointment most severe.’
The dramatic experiences of Sojournertruth while in New York were undoubtedly a major turning point in her life.
After reflection upon the activities within New York Isabella Van Wageners (Sojournertruth) concluded ‘that she had been taking part in a great drama, which was, in itself, but one great system of robbery and wrong.’
So what did happen in New York to create such a vivid impression on her? Sojournertruth fulfilled her ‘Duty ‘by telling the ‘truth’ each time she recounted the Matthias years.
She testifies in court under oath and states time and time again what happened as she struggled to live her Christian life style under the long dark shadow of Prophet Matthias, Elijah Pierson, Mr Mills and the Folger Family. Sojournertruth has gone to great trouble to record her version of events during the Matthias years.
Her voice echoes down through the years crying out to be heard, understood, and accepted. While reflecting upon her trials and tribulations with Matthias, Sojournertruth said; 'the rich rob the poor, and the poor rob one another.”
These trying years for Sojournertruth left an indelible mark on her mind, body, and spirit. She eventually escaped the influence of Prophet Matthias and transformed herself from Isabella Van Wageners into “Sojournertruth” the name by which most people remember her. Her time with Prophet Matthias was vitally important.
The life lessons experienced in this era helped her to become the person who is so revered and loved today. Sojournertruth wanted every person she came into contact with to know her side of the story. She would talk and testified of her experiences with Prophet Matthias on any and all occasions. She wants you the careful reader to know her full story.
She recorded every detail for you; and wants you to fully understand what her life was like.
Sojournertruth and her years with the Prophet Matthias have been over looked by most Biographers and Historians.
They have in the opinion of this investigator, committed a great injustice towards Sojournertruth! The simple facts are crystal clear; Sojournertruth wants you to know what she experienced while she attempted to help Prophet Matthias establish his Zion.
She has gone to great lengths to give her witness and her statements.
She is crying out from the dust of the ground, it is time for the world to hear her full true story!
Within the pages of the manuscript “Clash of the Prophets their Lost years Sojournertruth /Matthias / Joseph Smith,” you have the chance to walk hand in hand with Sojournertruth.
Now you can read the revealing, shocking, devastating yet awe inspiring story and form your own opinions!
Your understanding of the life of Sojournertruth may be important or even inspirational to you and your friends.
The words, actions, and strength of this remarkable trail blazer cannot be over looked. The refiner fire years spent in New York City are vitally important yet they have been consistently overlooked.
This is your opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Sojournertruth as she comes face to face with Robert Matthews the pseudo Prophet Matthias!
Her experiences are unforgettable!
She wants you to know her full story and within our web site you have the opportunity to vicariously share this experience. Without these desperately trying years the name of Sojournertruth may never have been born!
Within the book “Clash of the Prophets their Lost years Sojournertruth / Matthias / Joseph Smith” we read: ‘The name of “Sojournertruth” is what may be called a progressive name as it has developed over time.
When Isabella Van Wageners left New York City on the 1st June 1843 she informed Mrs Whiting who had been her employer and Landlady that she was changing her name to “SOJOURNER.” Mrs Whiting then enquired 'What are you going east for?'
To which Isabella responded by saying: 'The Spirit calls me there, and I must go.' Isabella as dictated by herself within The Narrative of Sojourner Truth which was then edited by Olive Gilbert; with the Appendix by Theodore D. Weld. Boston: (Ref: S) makes her position perfectly clear when she informs us that her new self-given name was to be “SOJOURNER.” In time and between the years of 1843 and 1850 the evidence, both direct and indirect, confirms the evolution of Isabella’s name from “SOJOURNER” into “SOJOURNER TRUTH.”
The name of “Sojourner truth” was penned by Mr Oliver Gilbert in 1850.
When Gilbert penned this name he placed a space between the “SOJOURNER” and the “Truth.” In time the name once again evolved and the accepted name for Isabella is now established within the hearts and minds of humanity as “SOJOURNERTRUTH.”

The name of “SOJOURNERTRUTH” is recognised worldwide as a symbol of justice and freedom for all, regardless of nationality, gender, or religion! Whilst it cannot be proven as proof positive, it can be presented as proof probable that Sojournertruth acquired the Truth section of her name directly from Matthias himself. Robert Matthews or Prophet Matthias continually called himself “The Spirit of Truth.” Other times he would use the words “True Spirit.” Whichever way we look at the Matthias years, it’s clear to both see and understand the importance of Truth, as truth sets us free.
The Truth section of the name Sojournertruth is, it is believed by this author, a direct result of Isabella meeting then following in the footsteps of prophet Matthias. Without Prophet Matthias the world may not know the wonderful person known today as Sojournertruth.’
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